Last Day :(

Today I came to school and it was crazy day so I came crazy. I put on short pants and a jacket that I used in a trip to Canada with the school. Wen I got to school the first person I saw was Pablo with the underwear in top of the pants, it was really funny because he looked really weird. Wen we got to the class room we got the weird idea of changing shoes. so I put his right and he put my right shoe. But there was a problem… His shoe was too small for me. Also I am really sad slice of life ends today.Image result for gif

Day: 31 :)

Today  I am really sad because it is almost the last day of slice of life but I am happy because in 2 days I will go to Atlanta to see the masters. The masters is a tournament of golf but sadly me and my dad will go to the practice round. I was really lucky to go because my aunt was going to but she is the Colombia golf team coach and she had  a tournament in Brazil and she could not go. So the solution so that the tickets did not got louse,now I will go with my dad Image result for masters augusta

Day: 29

Today I was playing ps4 and I put vines to watch with my brother first we put Juampazurita vines. They were really funny that my brother was drinking water and he almost died because he swallowed and started laughing. Wen the video finished I was like “HEY,WHAT HAPPENED”. Because he has spilled water on the sofa.

Day: 28

Today I was coming from school to my house. Like at the middle of the road there was getting slower and slower. I was confused because it was a fast road. I was even more confused because I knew there has not been a crash in years. Wen we got further it was going faster and faster. In one moment we saw no cars going up from the other side of the road. Then my grandpa was kind of mad and I did not know why. Then I was understanding,there was a big truck coming up really slow. So wen someone tried to pas the truck the cars on our side needed to stop and wait.

Day: 27

Today I will share with you some thing that happen yesterday. Yesterday I went to receive my sister at the airport because she came from Barranquilla. I was really confused because I saw the teams of soccer and basket from the school but not the ones from volley. After 15 minutes I saw them coming out of the place were you get your bags and I told mi parents that my sister all ready went outside. In the car she was really mad at my parents because they told her that she needed to go to school at the next day. Image result for jose maria cordoba aeropuerto medellin rionegro

Day: 26

Today I came to my finca and I was playing soccer with my cousins. We were playing in teams of two and we played in some small goals. I do not know how but I did a cross bar like last time but now in small goals. Then I was playing alone vs my 2 cousins,my brother and a friend. It was impossible for me because I lost 14=7.

Day: 25

Today I will tell you a interesting story. Today I played a golf tournament. Wen we finished we finished I went to my grandmas birthday. My grandma did not knew we did the surprise party so I was really excited what will be the reaction. I was really sad because I got late and I got there after everything but not the video of pictures that my sister made and I got in time to see it.

Cross Bar Day: 24

Today I was playing soccer with my friends in a rainy afternoon and there was a lot of fog that you could not see the other goal. We did not care about the goals but we had teams,Juanes was the goalie from the other team. In one really close shot from Peres,Juanes took the ball and kick the ball,not flying but in the floor.So then wen I saw the ball I thought of anything but  kicking the ball hard.Wen I kicked it I was like “goal,goal,goal.” But then it was a incredible crossbar.(for does who did not know what is a crossbar,it is hitting the top bar with the ball.) It was a incredible goal from the middle of the field.Image result for crossbar football gif

Last 8 Days Day: 23

Today I was coming to school and I was coming really late because there was a lot of traffic I did not knew what was happening. I felt really exhausted that I fell asleep after one hour I woke up and we did not arrived yet. Suddenly I saw 5 cars in a crash I felt impress because one car  was totally destroy and did not have a door. Another car did not had the front lights. The one in the front had the back window all broken.Image result for choque de lambo

Last 9 Days Slice Day: 22

Today I am going to tell you something I did yesterday playing soccer. Yesterday I was playing soccer with my friends In recess and Pedro was the goalie and he pas it to Pablo then he ran with the ball to the other goal,It was a wet grass and you saw everyone running to get the ball and fall. Cris was attacking Pablo so he pas the ball to me and Cris was attacking me then I pas the ball through hi legs and I scored a great goal thanks to Pablo.Image result for griezmann